Maud & Olof Erikssons Tunnbrödsbageri
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We founded our bakery in 1964, using the old wood burning baking oven
in our grandparents' home. In the 1960's, when moving vans were rolling
from the far north of Sweden to its south, workers were needed in large
industries. Our bakery became a way for us to earn a livelihood in our own
village, and we had a strong tradition to fall back upon. The kind of bread
we bake, "tunnbröd", has always been made on the farms of Jämtland,
and we had an especially good recipe from Olof's mother.

Since then, we have increased our production many times over, and our
assortment has grown. In 1980 we introduced a barley crisp bread based
on an old Jämtland recipe, but in its light malt like (barley) flavor it is quite
unique. Our barley bread has been met with enthusiasm wherever it has
been introduced, and has even won several awards, among them: The
Swedish Gastronomic Academy Award.

A large step in our bakery's development came in 1993, when we began to
use only organic ingredients. We were, thus, the first "tunnbröd" bakery to
fulfill the environmental requirements of KRAV ( We feel this
further strengthens our ties of baking traditions in our clean, unpolluted
mountain region.

We have long since outgrown the wooden stove in Olof's boyhood home.
We are a modern, family run company employing eight persons in our
renovated bakery in the old school of Sandnäset village. In this way we are
contributing to the economical survival of the mountain villages in northern

By uniting modern computer technology and traditional craftsmanship, we
are able to produce an outstanding 100% organic product with an
extraordinarily high quality. The bread is sold not only in Sweden but also
imported to the following countries: Canada, USA and Denmark.
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